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             The Egyptian Food Safety Information Center  (EFSIC) was established according to the ministerial decree No. 2609 of the year 2004 by The Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation in Egypt to be a part of Food Technology Research Institute (FTRI) at Agriculture Research Center (ARC).

     The coordinative committee of the Food Safety Information Center consists of representatives from  Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Health and Population ,Standardization Authority( Ministry of Industry), Chamber of Food Industry, Commodity Council of Food Processing and Ministry of Environmental Affairs. Also, representatives from the following organizations were invited to the meeting of the establishment:

    1-    FAO representative in Cairo.

2-    Regional Office of WHO in Mediterranean sea representative.

3-    Representatives of AECI  and AINIA .

To see a copy of the ministerial decree Click here

You can also download a copy of the decree by right clicking on the link then save target as.


What are the aims of EFSIC ?

         The general aim of the Egyptian Food Safety Information Center (EFSIC) is to improve the guarantee of health and safety of the consumers in food matter being based on an approach global and integrated along the food chain, from the primary production up to the consumption, on all the food sub-sectors and focusing the attention on the private sector.

   The aims of EFSIC could be summarized as follows: 

       1- To promote and to carry out any activity related to the prevention and promotion of food safety.

       2- To offer technical information service to the different economic and social agents in everything related to the food safety.

       3- To offer and develop training activities for agro-food sector in its own professional subjects related to the food safety

       4- To collaborate with public administration in general, and with authorities in relation with the food safety.

       5- To promote and to propose to the different administrations modifications in the in force legislation, according to technical and social advances, in order to increase the consumers protection level related to the food safety.  

       6- To be valid speakers in the debates on food safety topics and consumer protection when the board of directors considers.

       7- To forward to the mass media and society the EFSIC view on any fact related to food safety.

       8- To inform the mass media and the society of all activities and performance that experts in food safety accomplish within their competitions and legal frame. 

       9- To promote the improvement and/or introduction of information and communication   systems between all experts in food safety, with the aim to improve the efficiency and the effectiveness of the services.

Structure of EFSIC

    To see a diagram indicating the structure of the Egyptian Food Safety Information Center (EFSIC) Click here

Egyptian Food Safety Information Center (EFSIC)






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