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Good Agricultural Practices

الممارسات الزراعية الجيدة

               Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) are the practices of primary food producers (such as farmers and fishermen) that are necessary to produce safe and wholesome agricultural food products conforming to food laws and regulations.EFSIC group during GAP training course, Valencia, Spain


         U.S. Food and drug administration and U.S published guidelines  for industry ,guide     to minimize food safety hazards for fresh and vegetables in 1998.


Basic principles of Good Agricultural Practices:

Principle 1 Prevention of microbial contamination of fresh produce is favored over reliance on corrective actions once contamination has occurred.

Principle 2. To minimize microbial food safety hazards in fresh produce, growers, packers, or shippers should use good agricultural and management practices in those areas over which they have a degree of while not increasing other risks to the supply or enviromental control.

Principle 3. Fresh produce can become microbiologically contaminated at any point along the farm-to- table food chain. The major source of microbial contamination with fresh produce is associated with human or animal feces.

Principle 4. Whenever water comes in contact with produce, its source and quality dictates the potential for contamination. Minimize the potential of microbial contamination from water used with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Principle 5. Practices using animal manure or municipal biosolid wastes should be managed closely to minimize the potential for microbial contamination of fresh produce.

Principle 6. Worker hygiene and sanitation practices during production, harvesting, sorting, packing, and transport play a critical role in minimizing the potential for microbial contamination of fresh produce.

Principle 7. Follow all applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations, or corresponding or similar laws, regulations, or standards for operators outside the U.S., for agriculture practices.

Principle 8Accountability at all levels of the agricultural environment ( farm, packing facility, distribution center, and transport operation ) is important to a successful food safety programs.  


Egyptian Food Safety Information Center (EFSIC)
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