Organisation and management of the food safety system.
Legal framework and regulations.
Inspection services.
Laboratory services.
Food alerts and epidemiological information.
Information, education, communication and training.
Environmental management.


The food safety system should cover all the food products manufactured, processed and marketed in the country, including imported foodstuffs. The application of this system should be officially supported and compulsory.
The following principles have been considered as a basis for the activities composing the food safety system:
The food policy is based upon a global and integrated approach covering the whole process of the food chain, "from the farm to the table".
To reduce hazard by applying the principle of prevention.
To set priorities based upon hazard analysis and on the efficiency of hazard management.
The application of the principle of prevention to the decisions of hazard management.
To set initiatives which consider both the hazards and effects of economic welfare.
Food safety is a shared responsibility which requires the positive interaction of all the interested parties.
To establish emergency proceedings.
Scope of the food safety system

The basic elements which compose the food safety system are the following:
The environmental management is included as a support element in this model.
Principles of the food safety system
Element of the food safety system