Organisation and legal framework.
Official food safety control and alert system.
Infrastructures of consumer information and
evaluation of consumption habits.
Self-control and traceability systems..
Official laboratories of food control.
Processes of production and import
and export of food products.
Environmental management related to food safety.
Epidemiological system.


The following information has been collected, checked and evaluated for the preliminary proposals of improvement actions applicable to the food safety system:.
This is a description of the strategic objectives on food safety proposed for the period 2004-2008 in Egypt. These objectives are structured in the three elements which form the risk analysis: risk assessment, risk management and risk communication.

The objectives and actions defined in the following Proposal for a Strategic Plan have the purpose of situating the country at a food safety level according to the most relevant international systems and the current international guidelines.

The Proposal for a Food Safety Strategic Plan includes for some objectives proposals of actions to assess effectiveness, although the measures to assess the impact of the plan in a perceptible way including, for instance, current cases of illnesses caused by salmonella or the percentage of reduction foreseen after the implementation of the plan, should be defined by national administrations.
Profile of the country: collection of information

Approach to strategic objectives and
....action items