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       The actions taken with regard to public health and particularly those related to food must take control measures which guarantee the implementation of the established criteria for food safety and allow to detect the presence of products which may involve risks for the health of the people due to their conditions.

     A high level of security and effective public control is necessary to ensure that the food supply is safe and wholesome and to ensure the effective protection of the other interests of consumers.

     In this regard, all the countries must have legal measures and a control system in order to evaluate their total compliance and act if they detect food involving health risks, keeping thus food safety, which allows to guarantee the people’s health .

     Legislation with regard to food safety in general and particularly related to control systems have the following objectives 

-          to ensure a high level of protection of public health, safety and the consumer.

-          to ensure the free movement of goods within the internal market

the extent to which primary agricultural production and the processed foodstuffs sector should be brought within the same set of general rules .

 - Food Safety Laws and Decrees in Egypt

 - Summary of Food Control Instructions, Decrees and Laws in Egypt

Egyptian Food Safety Information Center (EFSIC)
المركز المصرى لمعلومات سلامة الغذاء





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