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Last update July,2012


Workshops and Conferences

      - EFSIC's research team attended the " Third International Conference for Food Science and Technology – Modernizing of Food Industries" from 22 to 24 February2005, in Cairo. The conference was sponsored by Egyptian Society of Food Science and Technology, Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, and Food Industry Holding Company.

   - Also, the research team of the EFSIC attended the " Wheat Consumption, Production and Losses workshop" from 20 to 21 March 2005 (food safety issue) was complete one day in which the EFSIC's team presented the service which could be provided . the importance of the implementation of the preventive action was discussed specially regarding street foods and street foods vendors.  The EFSIC's posters and printed handouts, in which most of the required precautions was mentioned to ensure that their food products are safe.

 -On Tuesday 8 November 05:

EFSIC members organized the first workshop in (Food Safety)  

  -From 20-24 November 05:

Some of EFSIC  members participated in workshop / FAO in (Food safety and its impact  on Egyptian trade.

- EFSIC's Team had attended the Pan-Arab Conference of  The Egyptian Society of Pediatric Gastroenterology (Hepatology and Nutrition) from 29 to 30 March 2006.

̀     - Arab Conference for Home Economic and Technology was held in the Faculty of Home Economic, Helwan University from 18-19/4/2006. In this Conference Prof.Dr.Nabih A.Ibrahim the director of EFSIC gave a presentation which talked about" ̀ Environmental Awareness and its Impact on Food Safety".

    -  EFSIC's members attended "Arab Quality and Food Safety conference" which was  held in Lebanon from 15-16/06/06.The main objective of this conference is to discuss the aspects and the current status of food safety in different Arabian countries. In this conference, the director of EFSIC gave a presentation about "Prospective Study & the Strategic Plan of EFSIC".

  - "The Role of Agricultural Extension for Developing Agricultural Exports Conference"   was held in Egyptian Agricultural International Center, from 28-29/06/06.In this Conference three of EFSIC members gave 3 lectures under the following titles:

1. "Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)".

2. "Pesticides and Exports".

3. "Agricultural Extension and increasing of Horticultural Exports".

- Two of EFSIC staff attended "First Arabian Forum and Exhibition about The Role of Arabian Woman in the Protection of Consumer, Family, Society and Environment" which organized by Central Egyptian Society For Consumer Protection (CESCP) in this forum a lot of issues were discussed as follows:

?Jordanian experience for consumer protection,

?Egyptian experience for consumer protection,

?Non-governmental associations experiences for implementing consumer protection methodologies,

?Role of women in consumer protection,

?Role of official control system in consumer protection and

?Enforcement of consumer protection law.


-"The7th. International Conference and Exhibition for Food Industries Quality Control":

Dr.Nabih A.Ibrahim the director of EFSIC and 8 members of EFSIC staff attended and shared in "The 7th. International Conference and Exhibition for Food Industries Quality Control" from 12-14/09/06 in Alexandria- Egypt. EFSIC staff presented 5 lectures under the following titles:

? Good Agricultural Practices (GAP),

? Good Consumption Practice (GCP),

? Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP),

? Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) and

?Technology Foresight.

At the end of the conference EFSIC staff granted a thankful certificate for their best efforts.

-National Council For Human Rights (NCHR):

Dr.Nabih I.Abdel-Hamid the director of EFSIC and some EFSIC’s members attended the meeting of (NCHR) which held in Tu.11/09/06-11am.In this meeting, (NCHR) the participants discussed different issues as follows:

? Access of safe food is a right for each human,

?Nutritional habits in the Egyptian Society,

?Strategies for solving malnutrition problems in Egypt,

?4Environmental pollutants and food additives and its effects on human health.

    - Dr.Nabih the director of EFSIC attended the Annual Meeting of Codex Alementarious at Geneva, Switzerland from 30/06- 04/07/08

     - Dr.Nabih the director of EFSIC attended the workshop forThe Safety of Imported and Exported Foods to Arabian Countries” at AL-Doha from 19-21/ 05/08 and he give two excellent presentations about “New Aspects in Food Inspection” and “Superior Experiment of Egypt in Assuring Food Safety System ”.     

   - Dr.Nabih the director of EFSIC attended India-Africa Cooperation for Sustainable Food Security from 10-12 November 2008 .

   - Dr.Nabih the director of EFSIC attended the workshop about “The Role of Arab and African Woman Facing the World Food Crises Challenges and Solutions” at 14/12/08 which organized by Institute of African Research & Studies with African Union Permanent Delegation to the League of Arab States.- Dr.Nabih talked about “Food Situation in Africa and the way to sustain food security

   - Dr.Nabih the director of EFSIC and some of EFSIC staff attended the 1st International European -Arab Conference for Improving Bread” from 15- 17/12/08 at ARC.The conference discusses the cultural history of bread and and the improved technology of bread.- Dr.Nabih talked about Safety and Security of Cereals and Cereal Products.


- Three EFSIC members attended the "Providing Medical Care to Victims of Explosions" from 9-11/11/08.The training course was organized by German Medicinal Center (EGC) this activity will be used in the future to trainee (TOT) workers in School Meal Factories.

Coordination with other partners:

EFSIC coordinates with Skills Development Project (SDP) in the short term training activity at the following courses:

  1. ISO-22000 & Supplier Assurance System(SAS) to Port Said Investment Association,
  2. Cakes and Bread to Port Said Investment Association,
  3. General Food Safety, GMP, GCP, HACCP and Cleaning and Disinfections in Food Factories to 6th.Investment Association,
  4. Chocolate and GHP to New Societies Development Association and
  5. Food Microbiology to Food Processors and Exports Association

- The transnational training titled Enhancement of Egyptian Participation in FP7 in context of MEDA GO TO EUROPE Project” held on 25/03/ 09 At the Federation of Egyptian Industries. The training is under the auspice of H.E. Eng. Rachid Mohammed Rachid Minister of Trade & Industry Food Technology Center (FTC) & Chamber of Food Industries (CFI) & Industrial. Modernization Center (IMC) in cooperation with Agriculture Research Center (ARC). The training program aims to achieve a faster and more balanced implementation of the FP7 framework programme from 2007 to 2013 (drawing on the experiences gained from the FP6 framework programme) which includes the participation of Mediterranean nations .Therefore, the project brings to gather partners from Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia, as well as European participants from Belgium, France, Italy, Slovenia,Spain, Romania andTurkey.

- The 8th. Conference and Exhibition on Food Industries between Quality and Competitiveness from 07- 09/04/09 at Al- Mahrousa Hotel, Alex-Egypt. The conference is Under the auspices of H.E. Rachid Mohamed Rachid Minister of Industry & Trade and Major General Adel Labib the Governor of Alex and organized by International Center for Research and Consultation (Comibassal)& Food Technology Research Institute(FTRI).

The aims of the Conference are as follows:


  • Discussing the problems that facing export and Competitiveness,
  • Discussing problems, challenges and solutions of food industry in Egypt ,
  • Achieving Arabian Integrity for  food industry and
  • Exchanging experiences between scientists and researchers on the field of food industry.
- The 2nd. International Conference of Natural Resources in  Africa on Sustainable Development of Natural Resources in the Nile Basin Countries from11- 12/05/09 Under the auspices of Prof. Hossam Kaimel President of Cairo University .The conference aims to the following:
  • putt more attention to the Nile Basin Countries Continuing research and scientific  cooperation for sustainable development,
  • Evaluate the economic and environmental impact of management and conservation of natural resources,
  • Help in sustaining national goals of cooperation with the Nile Basin countries,
  • Provide the scientific support for the joined projects and
  • Urge the donor organizations to support projects related to the African issues.

    - Conference on Capacity Building to Support TVET Reform in Egypt Contract 5- Training Session at the Semiramis Intercontinental Hotel on 19/05/09. The conference is Under the auspices of H.E. Rachid Mohamed Rachid Minister of Industry & Trade. The Reform TVET System is a project co-funded by the The European

    Training Courses:

    EFSIC staff involved in the internal extension training activity held in FTRI from 7/2011-7/2012 in the following:

    1. Good Agricultural Practices (GAP).
    2. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)
    3. ISO-22000-HACCP.


    Upcoming training courses:

    1. During summer vacation EFSIC staff will trained the workers of School Meal Production Factories at 13 Centers located at Cairo, Fayoum, Monofia, Kalubia, Tanta, BeniSwif, Menia,Domiate, Port said and El- Arich governorates on the main concept of  “Food Safety System GHP,GMP,HACCP.
    2. ISO-22000 for Qatari an food inspector next August 2012.


    Coordination with other partners:

    EFSIC coordinates with FAO as a focal point to prepare a country report about Food and Nutrition Situation in Egypt from 1992 till now to be presented in the International Conference on Nutrition 21 (ICN+21) the report consists of the  following main sections:

    1. Egypt,
    2. Food Production and
    3. Nutritional Status.

    Workshops, Meetings, Discussions and Conferences:

    1. EFSIC staff shared with Horticulture Research Institute (HRI) in presenting seminar titled 'Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)' at 30/1/2012.
    2. EFSIC staff shared in the 1st.International Conference of the Technology Grain Industry and Products from 27- 29/2/2012 with the following topics:
      1. Producing Safe Grains at Farms.
      2. Producing Safe Grains at Silos.
      3. Producing Safe bakery products.
    3. One of EFSIC staff gives a presentation titled" Pollution from Food Processing Sector and Environmental Protection in Egypt "at the 5th. Scientific Conference for Agricultural Chemistry and Environmental Protection Society "Applied Researches for Agricultural Development and Environmental Protection"
    4. The Director of EFSIC shared in Regional Workshop titled: “Risk-based inspection of imported food from 11-14 June 2012, Amman-Jordan and the following presentation was presented: 'Egyptian brief review of the country food control system'

    Coordination with FAO

    EFSIC experts were collaborated and assisted with FAO in the project titled  "Improving Household Food and Nutrition Security in Egypt by Targeting Women and the Youth" The project aims to improve the nutritional status of children and households in the poorest villages of the five governorates (Fayoum, Beni Souef, Assyout, Sohag and Aswan) where the project activities will take place, by creating a food-secure environment in which households, especially women and the youth have accesses to sufficient and diversified food of both animal and vegetable sources. As well as the project aims to educate and train women and the youth the skills of sustainable agricultural production of food and small animal husbandry, the creation of agricultural projects to increase household income, and improve the kind of food and proper healthy nutrition to achieve the government strategies and policies that are concerned with food security and nutrition.

    Besides EFSIC, different arms of ARC e.g. Center of Information and Communication for Development, FSIC and Ministry of Health e.g. National Nutrition Institute, are being considered as the key players in the implementation and dissemination mechanisms of the project. The implementation and dissemination mechanisms depends up on Nutrition Kitchen "NK" and Junior Farm Life School "JFFLS". Also, EFSIC experts prepared TOT manual and booklets for the targeting groups at the field of the following:

      food processing and preservation at home and farm levels,
      • household budgeting and
      • food safety and hygiene.
      • Now EFSIC experts waiting for the exploratory visits to the above mentioned Egyptian governorates.


    T.V Programs:

    The following episodes were presented by EFSIC staff:

      • In Ghayer Hayatak,Dream T.V (29/10/2011) about the Safety and Quality of meat and meat products,
      • In NNT ,Saydaty (31/10/2011) about the Safety and Quality of meat and meat products,
      • In Manara channel, Olmaaa Misr (8/1/2012) about the scientific history of Dr.Nabih A.Ibrahim.
      • In Misr Zerayaa Channel, Halaqaat Khasaa(9/1/2012) about EFSIC activities, Achievements and its role in the development of  food safety in Egypt.
      • In Misr Zerayaa Channel(9/1/2012) about The role of School Feeding Programme (SFP) in combating malnutrition of Egyptian children.
      • In Qahera Channel, Taem El-Biut (10/4/2012) about good hygiene practices during Ester day.
      • In Mannaraa Scientific Channel(9/5/2012) about OHASS in Soy bean Factory at FTRI.
      • In NNT ,Saydaty (25/5/2012) about good handling practices.