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ما هي الخدمات التي يقدمها المركز المصري لمعلومات سلامة الغذاء؟

       The Egyptian Food Safety Information Center (EFSIC)  offers a series of training courses and advisory services which can enhance all food practices whether for  producers, manufacturers or consumers. We have excellent trained experts specialized at good food practices systems such as GAP, GMP, GHP and HACCP.

If you are a producer, manufacturer or consumer and interested in the safety of your product or food, you can have our services or training programs which can help in:

1- Carrying out any activity related to the prevention and promotion of food safety

2- We can offer technical information services to the different economic and social agents in every field related to food safety.

3- Also, we can offer and develop training activities for Agro-Food sector in its own professional subjects related to food safety.

4- We can collaborate with public administrations in general and with authorities interested in food safety.

5- Also, we can provide you with all information and advisory you need in food safety.

You can contact us to have our services

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Egyptian Food Safety Information Center (EFSIC)
المركز المصرى لمعلومات سلامة الغذاء





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